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One FULL Day of Crafting YOUR Custom Plan For Your Ideal Career and Life From Now

You won’t be attending “just another virtual meeting”.

I’ll show you how to discover where your Passion, Mission, Professionalism and Purpose collide.  Let’s invest a day together and we’ll consider what else you could do (at the same time as what you’re currently doing) to achieve more satisfaction at work and at home, and take action on some of your ideas?   Let’s look at your values, what’s important to you about your work and how your values affect your decisions.

Come and meet and learn from other career women just like you who’ve taken BIG leaps of faith (before they were ready but they did it anyway).

My events always attract incredible, experienced corporate career women just like you who’ve been (and some still are) where you are today.   We share generously our experience, wisdom, missteps and lessons so you can fast track yourself.

Take time for yourself, give yourself the gift of real focus on YOU.  My events have been described as a “Spa Day for the Soul and if ever that was needed it’s now

Thank you…

Sorry!  Blaze Your Own Trail is now over but if you drop us your name and email, we’ll let you know about any future Events well ahead of time.

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Who is this One-Day Experience for?

Blaze Your Own Trail is designed for and all about YOU, a corporate career woman who…

• Gets so busy focussing on everyone else’s wants and needs, you forget about your own

• Feels a bit guilty that recent home-schooling and 24-7 childcare and/or homelife hasn’t been as much fun as it should have been

• Knows you feel different now about many things both work and home-life related but has no time to think about it

Has an inkling of what else you might do, start, stop, create BUT it feels too big and scary (and time-consuming) to even consider it, so you don’t

That’s why I’ve called the Experience Blaze YOUR Own Trail.  It’s about what you want or want to explore and get clearer about.  Now.

So, instead, do you want...

• To get clearer about that sense of “Ok, what now?” and what to do about it

• To understand what other career women like you think and feel and want now, too

• Take a day to carve out for yourself and focus on what’s important for you at work AND at home.

• Stop procrastinating or swirling and get clearer on what steps to take – or what to stop, and why.

Does that sound like you? Then join us at Blaze YOUR Own Trail, the One-Day, LIVE, Virtual Experience!

This Event is about getting you closer to the clarity, steps, connections and breakthroughs YOU need to accelerate your career now.

Even if you’ve “been around the block” trying to boost your career success AND achieve more life satisfaction you’re still not where you want to be.  Lockdown has made you feel different about SO many things.  

I find when women join me and focus and learn together, try things, say things (maybe for the first time out aloud) you’re able to go back to other learnings and apply them even better – and faster.

My smart steps and strategies BOOST clarity, confidence and the ability to take ACTION!

So if you’re ready to make a shift in your life NOW and have some accountability to take action, then join me and other ambitious career women and Blaze Your Own Trail.  It is, after all, YOUR life and precious energy we’re talking about.

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Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.

Barbara De Angelis
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What will we actually learn and do?


on Your Purposeful Sweetspot – that intersection where your Passion, Professionalism, Purpose and sense of Mission collides.


your values and how they drive your decisions about opportunities for stepping up or out of where you are 

Take time...

to understand the wider implications of your work and ambitions and if (or how) this aligns with your personal life?


stories and lessons from other career women who’ve gone before us and changed the shapes of their lives for good… even if it scared them at the time


more about time, procrastination habits, timing and what to do first, when and why.


You get to choose your focus for the dayjust think, a whole day for you to think about yourself for a change.


In addition to a full-day of rich content and discussion you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of STOP Being Ignored
Kay's information product to help you show up more fully day to day at work, online and by email. Sent once you've Registered.(£197 value)

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Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.

Amy Ippoliti

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What You'll Experience

We’ll broadcast this content-rich Experience to you LIVE from a high-tech ‘stage’ in my home AND you don’t have to leave home to be with us! Take action in real time and participate in interactive exercises and discussions with other attendees just like you – career women who want to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others.

Career Accelerating Content

When you get clearer and boost your confidence you make moves towards your own version of ‘what now’ with more tenacity and less fear.

Smart Women Connections

Share, learn, discuss with other corporate career women just like you. Community spirit always boosts our souls!

Inspiring Stories

Listen to stories of many women who can share their journeys, lessons and how to piggyback on their experience to jumpstart your plans, dreams, ideas.

Real Time to Think

When you slow down, stop doing and start to think more carefully, you’ll start to see a clearer picture of what’s next for you, how and why.

Good-For-You Gift Bag

Your Gift Bag with treats, resources and goodies will be dispatched to you via the Post to make our day together even more special.

Lift As You Climb

50% of all ticket sales will go to Refuge For Women and Children Against Domestic Violence

Don't just take my word for it...

“I’ve had SO many Aha moments and know I need to do something different. Kay’s style is inspirational AND challenging at the same time. Kay's strategies together with stories from the brilliant women who come to Kay's event has made me decide to dare myself, to try things and to let go of having to be perfect. At last!
Patricia B.
Corporate Consultant (having taken time to plan she left her job)
“I’ve had phenomenal ‘Aha’ moments at Kay's event and I’ve learned so much about myself and where I need to focus my energy and what’s important to me NOW. As a host Kay’s just brilliant and she’s shown me that I must be the BEST me I can be and own my own brilliance. If you feel stuck or unsure, grab this opportunity!”
Banking Technology – promoted twice recently
“I’ve had so many career-affirming Aha moments. Kay speaks such common sense but she has relevant, practical and tactical strategies plus real world commercial advice AND humour. I’ve learned to celebrate my feminine side (I worked in the trucking industry) and my BIG decision from the event has made me 100% clear. I’m not going to waste any more time.”
Julie F.
Training & Brand Development, own business now

Your Good-For-You Gift Bag!

Delivered to your door and full of resources we’ll use on the day AND a couple of surprises to make you smile!

Dispatched to you by Post from Tuesday 25th August to ensure arrival in good time.  (If you Register after 25th August we will send your Gift Bag to you but can’t guarantee it will arrive in time for the Experience.) 

Any training materials will be made available online. 

Our Virtual Experience Schedule (All times UK BST)

08:45 – Virtual Doors Open!  Tech check and get comfortable

09:30 –   Prompt start of Blaze Your Own Trail Virtual Experience

10:45  – Tea / Coffee Break

11:00  – Continue our Blaze Your Own Trail Virtual Experience

12:45  – 60 minute Lunch Break (meeting kept open for networking)

13:45 – Continue our Blaze Your Own Trail Virtual Experience

15:15 – Tea / Coffee Break

15:30 – Continue our Blaze Your Own Trail Virtual Experience

17:00 – 17:45  Drinks Party together (suggested menu provided!)

A few more details for you...

I wouldn’t be inviting you if I didn’t KNOW it will work. I participated in a 3-Day Virtual Event (in North Carolina USA) from my home office and loved every minute of it. The presenters cared deeply about everyone’s experience and planned it really well. I care deeply about your experience and will plan everything really well for you to maximise your precious time and life force energy as we join together for a day.

Workshop isn’t my style. I don’t ‘do’ Corporate in the traditional style but what I share is tactical, commercial and extremely practical information to apply straight away for both your working and personal worlds. AND I believe in creating a safe, sparkly and collaborative space for women to feel comfortable and empowered. I can’t do it any other way….

Your ticket is your ticket and once you’re registered for all that will be included there will be no refunds. Your Good-For-You Gift Kit will be mailed to you as part of your registration and cannot be returned either. If you know you can’t attend nearer the time, please email and let her know or

A few carefully chosen and designed gifts are included in the Good-For-You Gift Bag, all of which we’ll use on the day. These will be despatched from 25th August for all those Registering early and if you Register after this date, we’ll still despatch your Bag to you but can’t rely it’ll be there with you in time for the 11th September. The sooner you Register the better we can ensure you have your Gift Bag!

 There will be a lot of sharing, opinion polling, networking, small group discussions as well as dedicated time for you to consider, plan and ask yourself some deeper questions AND… For me, part of the magic is telling stories, giving you examples, sharing others who’ve gone before with you so – all in all – it’s going to be interactive, inspiring and a way for us to re-boot ourselves on the other side of the Summer.  Just before Q4 of 2020 a transformational year for us all in SO many ways.

Caroline Humphries, Event & Client Concierge, is on hand for any questions or special requests as you Register. You can email Caroline at and she’ll quickly respond to you.

Since lockdown began, calls to Refuge’s National Domestic Abuse Helpline have increased by 66%, and visits to their website have increased by 950%, which demonstrates the importance of donations at this time.  Refuge empowers women and children to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear.  Raising just £100 between us (and we’ll raise much more than that) could pay for 5 women to access the support and advice they need through the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.  We’ll hear LIVE from Refuge’s Senior Community Fundraiser during the One-Day Virtual Experience.   

About your Host - Kay White

Kay White is known as The Smart Career Moves Mentor for Corporate Women and is the Author of two Number 1 best-selling books (The A to Z of Being Understood AND It’s Always Your Move).

Drawing upon the highs and lows of her own +20-year corporate career in international insurance broking at Willis, London (starting as a Secretary and leaving as a Divisional Director), Kay brings her passion and experience for the energy of language, the art of influence and persuasion and making strategic, considered and consistent personal career decisions to her clients.  

Blazing her own trail by starting Way Forward Solutions Ltd in 2006, Kay’s built her own 6-figure business coaching and mentoring thousands of career women towards Promotions, Career Changes, Industry Switches, Salary Increases, Portfolio Careers, Early Retirement, Sabbaticals, Maximising Redundancies, Creating New Roles and all without losing themselves or sacrificing their well-being along the way.

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Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

W.H. Murray

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When you Register, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kay’s very own Coaching Conversation Model Product (LIQUID) designed to unlock thinking in others and keep you present, objective and in flow day to day(£497 value).